What do I have to do to prepare for the 10 Minutes to Change Session?

Complete an information sheet in advance.  For Companies utilizing 10 Minutes to Change in conjunction with Talent Management, we encourage Managers (and if desired, other peers/colleagues) to complete an information form as well.

Professionals in Career Transition should include updated versions of their cover letter and resume.

What happens during a 10 Minutes to Change Session?

A 60 minute interview style discussion is conducted with Eric Frankel or a specially trained flash mentor.

Why is it called 10 Minutes to Change, not 60 Minutes to Change?

The “10 Minutes” represents essential communication delivered at the conclusion of the session, capture on permanent audio and designed for the Participants ears only..

Why is the 10 Minute Audio CD so important?

The CD will enhance the “10 Minutes” of Feedback to 10 Hours of Feedback as the Participant utilizes the content for ongoing inspiration, focus and reinforcement. This will optimize personal brands, focus and performance.

Can a 10 Minutes to Change Session be conducted via telephone?

Yes, we are able to offer sessions via telephone, Webcam or Video Conference for individuals and corporations outside of the Tri-State area. However, Eric Frankel’s business and philosophies are predicated on in person contact.

Where are 10 Minutes to Change Sessions held? 

Sessions are held either in our conference room or yours.  All we need is a couple of chairs and a desk/table and the 10 Minutes Session begins!

Great idea! I’d love for my Company to utilize your services, but I’m not sure how to ask my manager. Any suggestions?

The simplest way is to ask them directly.

What’s so great about Eric Frankel?

Eric Frankel has an uncanny ability to understand and evaluate business, organizational dynamics and key employees in a very short time frame… Eric delivers VALUE, again and again.

10 Minutes to Change™ is a proprietary Talent Management tool and trademarked brand. The process, forms, technology, strategies, and any and all rights arising therefrom, are the sole and exclusive property of Frankel Corporate Consulting Inc. (Frankel) and may not be disclosed to any third party or used by the receiving party for any reason other than as expressly authorized in writing by Frankel.