The 10 Minutes to Change™ Process

The 10 Minutes to Change™ Process

10 Minutes to Change™ is a one on one 60 minute Session with Eric Frankel or a specially trained Flash Mentor, culminated by 10 Minutes of highly motivating and uniquely personalized perspective communicated directly to the participant. The 10 Minute Audio, replicates these insights and is provided within 24 hours of session conclusion.

The Town Hall 360°™ is our unique Flash Mentoring experience delivered within a group setting. Often utilized in tandem with 10 Minutes to Change™ at the beginning or end stages.

How 10 Minutes to Change™ Works

The 10 Minutes to Change™ Mission Statement

Deliver personalized insight, impact and positive change to business professionals and the companies who employ them, to restore and heighten business confidence, vitality and focus, both individually and collectively.


Eric Frankel, CEO - Eric is a CPA, a prominent expert in leadership and organizational dynamics and has helped thousands of businesses build infrastructure, mentor key employees and achieve sustained growth through Frankel Corporate Consulting, started in 1995. He launched 10 Minutes to Change™ in October 2008, harnessing his relentless passion for organizational performance with his unique gift to assess talent and deliver essential perspective in a memorable, highly constructive manner.

He is a frequent speaker on Business, Professional Branding and Talent Management initiatives, a featured panelist on MSNBC’s Your Business and a contributor to major HR publications including the New York Times, Talent Management Magazine and Human Resources IQ. His 1st book, 10 Minutes to Change, published in April 2011, is designed as a collaborative learning tool to heighten employee development and engagement.

Scott Cohen, Director of Talent Development- has over 12 years of experience in Learning and Development and has coached all levels of professionals to help them reach their potential. Scott enjoys implementing strategic talent infrastructure to enhance individual and organizational performance. He is an active Board Member of the ASTD Northern New Jersey Chapter, and holds a Master of Arts in Education from New York University along with a Bachelor of Science in International Business from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.

Eric and Scott complement their talents with carefully selected cohorts adept at delivering highly meaningful and memorable Flash Mentoring insights.

10 Minutes to Change™ is a proprietary Talent Management tool and trademarked brand. The process, forms, technology, strategies, and any and all rights arising therefrom, are the sole and exclusive property of Frankel Corporate Consulting Inc. (Frankel) and may not be disclosed to any third party or used by the receiving party for any reason other than as expressly authorized in writing by Frankel.